What To Expect During A Facilities Management Training Program

Posted on: 2 December 2019

Facilities maintenance involves keeping buildings or spaces in good operational condition. This is done through utilizing a regular maintenance schedule as well as making timely repairs. Proper upkeep and maintenance can be a complicated task, especially for large spaces or buildings. This is why most companies hire one or more facility maintenance maintenance supervisors and maintenance technicians. In order to get a job as a maintenance supervisor, one typically needs to undergo facilities maintenance training. A facilities maintenance training program will give you the skills you need to fulfill the role of a maintenance supervisor. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect in a facilities maintenance training program:

Basics of Plumbing

As a maintenance supervisor, you will need to have solid skills in maintaining and repairing a variety of things. Thus, during a facilities management training program, you will be taught the basics of plumbing. While your plumbing courses will not be as in depth as those that a plumber takes, you will learn important techniques and methods for properly maintaining a large plumbing system and also making simple plumbing repairs. Having plumbing skills means that you will be able to handle most of a building's plumbing needs without having to contact a plumber.

HVAC Skills

Buildings tend to have complicated heating and cooling systems, and proper maintenance is essential to keep the systems in good working order for as long as possible. As a maintenance supervisor, it is essential to understand how to properly maintain and make minor repairs to an HVAC system. Most facilities maintenance programs provide students with intensive lessons that cover all of the important information needed to work on HVAC systems. When you complete your facilities maintenance training program, you will feel comfortable performing a number of HVAC maintenance tasks and repairs.

Understanding of Electrical Systems

Working with electrical systems requires a lot of skill in order to perform maintenance and repairs safely, so learning about the electrical systems in buildings is a big part of a facilities maintenance training program. You will need to understand electrical building codes and how to make repairs that comply with local codes. The portion of a training program that deals with electrical systems often combines written lessons to help students understand the basics of working on electrical systems, as well as hands-on training that gives students the opportunity to use the skills that they have learned.