• Automatic Fail! Recognize And Avoid These 6 Driving Mistakes

    There's no worse feeling than spending weeks or even months preparing for your CDL road test, only to fail it for something you didn't quite notice you were (or weren't) doing. In fact, it's not unusual for drivers to fail their first or even second CDL road test due to simple and easily preventable errors made during the test. If you want to ace your road test on the next try, you'll want to recognize and avoid the following driving mistakes.
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  • 4 Tips To Ensure That Your Car Donation Is Used Effectively

    If you have a vehicle that is in working condition that you don't want to sell but that you want to get rid of, one of your best options is to donate it to a charity. Here are a few tips that will help ensure that your donation is used effectively.  #1 Donate Directly To The Charity Itself There are numerous organizations that act as an intermediary agency and purchase old cars and then give a percentage of the sale to a specific charity.
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