How To Get More Out Of Your Maintenance Staff

Posted on: 28 October 2019

Your business will benefit greatly if you provide your maintenance staff with training that teaches them new skills. This training will allow them to take on more responsibilities at work. Rather than just identifying issues and contacting other professionals to repair them, they can learn to do it themselves. Maintenance workers usually do repair things without outside help, but not everything. Every once and a while, there are issues that come up that require the help of other professionals. This practice can become very costly for a business and often times it's completely unnecessary. Having your maintenance staff attend a facilities maintenance training course is a great way to overcome this problem. 

What Problems Can Your Maintenance Staff Take Care of without outside Help?

You pay your employees to benefit from the skills they possess. Your maintenance staff may already handle common responsibilities that maintenance workers handle at most other businesses. However, if they could take care of more problems and perform more tasks on their own, your company would save a lot of money. You don't want to overwhelm your maintenance workers by giving them more work than they can handle. You simply want them to be properly trained to handle problems that often occur at your business. These are some common issues that maintenance staff can be trained to handle on their own:

  1.  Floods — Flooding is a common workplace problem. It can be caused by something as simple as condensation or something as serious as a pipe bursting. 
  2.  Plumbing Issues — A business with bathrooms, kitchens, or any water systems can potentially have plumbing problems. 
  3.  HVAC Repairs and Maintenance — Knowing how to perform basic HVAC repairs is important for keeping a comfortable temperature in your business throughout the year.
  4.  Electrical Repairs — Electricity can be dangerous and it isn't something to mess around with. However, with proper training, your maintenance staff can learn to take care of common electrical issues. 
  5.  Pest Control — Pests eventually find their way into virtually every man-made structure on Earth. Your maintenance staff can be trained to handle common pests that may take up residence in your business.

Convince Your Maintenance Staff to Want New Training 

Most staff members aren't thrilled about getting new training. However, your maintenance staff can use the knowledge they gain from the training they receive for the rest of their careers. Regardless of where they end up in the future, they will have these skills to use to their advantage.